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FR120 Hall-Medford Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1949
3 prints, 27 negatives.
Includes images of Hereford cattle in stockyards, scenery, a stone building, horses, and people with horses. The ranch was located in Amarillo, Texas, and regularly sent its Herefords to the feedlots at Tarkio, Missouri.

FR121 Hall-Nance Ranches
Photograph Collection, 1940-1975
15 prints, 4 negatives.
Includes images of L.E. "Sonny" Nance, of Hereford cattle sold to cornbelt feeders in Harmony, Indiana, and cattle in pastures near Haslet, Texas. Headquartered in Haslet, Texas, the ranches were owned in partnership between D. C. Hall Enterprises of Fort Worth, Texas and L. E. "Sonny" Nance. Hall-Nance Ranches was a member of the Pioneer Beef Cattle Improvement Association, of which Nance, a former Texas Tech graduate, served as president.

FR122 Happy Hereford Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
Article only, no prints or negatives
The Ranch near Happy, Texas, was owned by Walter Graham and raised Hereford cattle.

FR123 Harrisdale Farms
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
2 prints, 2 negatives.
Includes images of Hereford cattle, buildings, and cattle sale. Dr. Charles H. Harris owned Harrisdale Farms, located west of Fort Worth, Texas. On May 20, 1904, he moved to Fort Worth as a practicing physician and later, after the sale of Harrisdale Farms, Dr. Harris left a $1,00,000 endowment for the Harris College of Nursing. The farm was noted for producing the famous bull, Prince Domino Return.

FR124 Harvey, W.E., Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1948
31 negatives.
Includes images of various buildings, Hereford cattle, various riders with Hereford cattle, Hereford cattle near a house, a seated couple, couple by outdoor grill, various house interiors, and people eating outdoors, possibly attending a sale.

FR125 Hedrick, Wyatt C., Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
6 negatives.
Includes images of a steel and wire mesh fence near road, a cow emerging from portable cattle chute near pickup truck, and sleeping cots with bedrolls in a pasture.

FR126 Heller, Ed, Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1962-1975
2 prints.
Includes images of Ed Heller posing with champion horse, Kip Bar, after winning quarterhorse championship at Stamford, Texas Cowboy Reunion in 1962. Owned by Ed Heller, the ranch was located in Dundee, Texas.

FR127 Henshaw Brothers
Photograph Collection, 1957
29 negatives.
Includes images of red Angus cattle roaming in pasture. The Henshaw brothers, Walter and Paul, raised red Angus cattle on their ranch in Mathis, Texas, with ranch headquarters in San Antonio. Red Angus was a breed that originally came to America from Scotland.

FR128 Hereford Hills Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1940-1975
36 prints, 61 negatives.
Includes images of stone and frame houses, buildings and a corral, metal spoked wheel and mailbox, road flanked by oak trees, owner Russell Davis and another man standing near truck with ranch logo on door, various Hereford cattle in pasture near Twin Sisters, Texas, and individual photos of Davis. Owned by Russel Davis, the Hereford Hill Ranch was located near Twin Sisters, Texas.

FR129 Hering, Jim, Stock Farm
Photograph Collection, 1952-1969
3 prints, 25 negatives.
Includes images of people posing, a man with Hereford, and people with Hereford at livestock show. Operating as both a farm and ranch, the Hering Stock Farm, located in McGregor, Texas, got its start in 1932 with Hering's entry into the farming business as a tenant farmer on land that eventually became part of his stock farm.

FR130 Herschede Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1946
10 prints, 51 negatives.
Includes various images of the exteriors and interiors of the Herschede's adobe style home, Hereford cattle in pasture, Scenery, and Mr. and Mrs. Herschede standing in doorway. The Herschede Ranch, near Hereford, Arizona,was bought by Mr. and Mrs. Foy Herschede in 1947.

FR131 Hi-View Hereford Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1957
60 negatives.
Includes images of people posing, people with a Hereford bull, Hereford cattle, and a building. Located in Ellis county, Midlothian, Texas, Hi-View Hereford Ranch was originally the old Singleton farm, which was often referred to as the biggest turkey producing unit in the world. Hi-View also raised quarter horses.

FR132 Hickory Hill Polled Hereford Cattle Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
1 print, 18 negatives.
Includes images of the gate entrance, and Hereford cattle in pen. The ranch was located near Navasota, Texas.

FR133 High, Horace, Stock Farm
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
6 negatives.
Includes images of Hereford cattle in pasture, and two men posing with a Hereford bull in pasture. Owned by Horace High of Paris, Texas, the farm was located near Brookston, Texas.

FR134 Highview Hereford Farm
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
1 negative.
Includes an image of the ranch sign. Owned by E. A. and W. W. Boyd, the ranch was located near Dover, Kentucky.

FR135 Hill Polled Hereford Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1958
10 negatives.
Includes images of Hereford cattle, building, and people posing. A fourth generation ranch with headquarters in Fairfield, Texas, the Hill ranch was run by Mrs. F. E. Hill and her two sons, Richard and Suel.

FR136 Hired Hand's Mule Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
1 print, 8 negatives.
Includes images of ranch buildings, various men with horses, and a mule. The ranch was located in Fort Worth, Texas, and owned by Harold Hough.

FR137 Hogs
Photograph Collection, 1943
1 print, 35 negatives.
Includes various images of hogs in pens.

FR138 Horse racing
Photograph Collection, 1945
52 negatives, 1 glass plate negative.
Includes various images of people attending horse races and/or horse shows.

FR139 Horses
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
220 prints, 142 negatives, and 1 glass plate negative.
Includes various images of horses, both individual and in groups, and with people.

FR140 Hudgins, J. D., Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
8 negatives.
Includes images of Brahma cattle, a shorthorn bull, and a man holding the reins of a Brahma bull. Owned by J. D. Hudgins, the Hungerford, Texas ranch breed Brahman cattle.

FR141 Hull-Dobbs Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1962
41 prints, 257 negatives.
Includes various images of cattle in pasture, people at cattle sale, auctioneers, cattle trophies and awards display, and men posing. With operations in Mississippi and Texas, Hull-Dobbs Ranch headquarters was located in Fort Worth, Texas. J. K. Dobbs was the owner.

FR142 Hunting
Photograph Collection, 1949
9 prints, 35 negatives, and 2 glass plate negatives.
Includes images of people eating, people with guns, and people posing with dead deers.