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FR279 T-Bone Ranches
Photograph Collection, 1950-1957
85 prints, 553 negatives, and 1 glass plate negative.
Consists of large assortment of images pertaining to T-Bone Ranch, including mountain scenery, people playing cards, men playing guitars near chuckwagon and inside building, patio, truck with ranch logo, chuckwagon scenes, mounted riders with pack horses, tent and pack burros, Elk Meadow sign, house with ranch brand logo, various buildings including line camp and houses, entranceway, men driving cattle along dirt road and in pasture, people posing with child, Hereford cattle in pasture and pen, various men in conversation, family posing for picture beneath archway to house, cowboys crouching with lariats, men wearing chaps, cutting horse and rider in arena, family posing in front of fireplace, people seated at table, Nora and Walter Reeves, Rainbow Trout Lodge, cowboys shoeing horse, people posing for picture on rocks, a picnic scene, man pitching hay, hayrick, barn, and men posing near line camp cabin. T-Bone Ranch was established around 1911 by W.A. Braden, and was purchased by Bill and John Hamilton, sons of Wichita Falls, Texas, rancher W.B. Hamilton in the 1940s. The ranch operates in three states, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado.

FR280 Tadlock Brothers Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
136 negatives.
Includes Hereford cattle in pens, near water, in pasture, saddled horses near fence, cattle truck, outbuildings, horses in pasture, three men near fence, woman in chair holding dog, seated couple holding dog, men operating loading chute, riders herding cattle in pasture, and gate, car, and fence. Owned by J. Albert Jr., H. D., and J. D. Tadlock, the ranch had its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, with another location in Waurika, Oklahoma.

FR281 Talbot, D. G., Hereford Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1940-1975
21 prints.
Consists of photos including young men on horseback, various images of Hereford cattle near water and in pasture and pens, and riders herding such cattle on the ranch near Aledo, Texas. The ranch was located six miles southwest of Aledo, Texas.

FR282 Taylor, Jay, Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
74 negatives.
Includes images of the ranch sign, Hereford cattle in pasture and in pen, riders on horseback, various different buildings, and riders with cattle. The ranch was located near Amarillo, Texas.

FR283 Tejon Ranch Company
Photograph Collection, 1962
2 prints.
Includes images of men branding, and men with Hereford cattle. The Bakersfield, California ranch was one of California's historic ranches and raised Hereford cattle and Quarter horses. The 280,000 acre ranch was created through four old Spanish grants put together by General Edward Fitzgerald Beale, during whose ownership the First Amry Camel Corps was maintained on Tejon. The ranch had several livestock divisions and a real estate division that included eaterys and hotels. In 1962, the Tejon Ranch Company was a stock company with approximately 1,150 stockholders.

FR284 Texas Cowboy Reunion,
Stamford, Texas

Photograph Collection, 1934-1971
110 prints, 4 glass plate negatives, and
1,714 negatives.
Includes various images of chuckwagons, people with horses, famous Reeves' photo of "When Day is Done", parade riders with flags, TCR gate entrance, and people attending the Reunion and competing in different events such as cutting horses, bronc riding, bull riding, barrel racing, and calf roping. Since 1930, Stamford, Texas had been host to the Texas Cowboy Reunion, the world's largest amateur rodeo and celebration, held annually during the Fourth of July holidays.

FR285 Thomas Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
2 negatives.
Includes two images of the ranch sign in the foreground alongside a road with mountains in the background.

FR286 Thornton Hereford Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1954
31 negatives.
Includes images of owner, W. M. Thornton, and the ranch manager, James Grote, seated at desk, Hereford cattle displayed near buildings and in pastures, a stone house and entrance to the ranch. The 3,500 acre ranch was located in Boerne, Texas, in an area known as Boerne Hills.

Three Circle Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1933
3 negatives.
Includes images of a woman and man seated on tractor tire, a man wearing chaps next to horse with tack, and a woman on horse with vintage automobiles in far background.

FR288 Tic Tac Toe Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1952-1975
78 prints, 70 negatives.
Includes images of Hereford cattle in pastures, various people, and a ranch sale showing several men leaning over a fence. Owned by A. Rose LeSage, the 3,200 acre ranch was located in Frost, Texas.

FR289 TO Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1946
17 prints, 59 negatives.
Includes images of Hereford cattle in pasture near windmill and mountains, office building, cattle guard and entrance, house and trees, low mountain, fenceline, road, man and boy posing for picture. The TO Ranch near Raton, New Mexico, dates back to 1864 when it was founded by Antonine J. Meloche, from Quebec, Canada. In 1883, Meloche sold a one-half interest in his 480 acre tract to Alexander Thompson. The ranch was incorporated in 1920.

FR290 Tours
Photograph Collection, 1946-1963
95 prints, 565 negatives, and 1 glass plate negative.
Includes various images of people, people eating, tour buses, people with cattle, cars, and cattle in pens and in pastures from various ranches. These tours of various ranches were sponsored by various associations, organizations, and publications, and went all over the southwest from Texas to California.

FR291 Transportation
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
2 prints, 12 negatives.
Includes images of a train, a plane, and an overturned truck and car.

FR292 Tres Valles Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
53 negatives.
Includes images of Hereford cattle in herds and individually displayed in pasture, mountain vistas, ranch entrance and sign. Owned by J. C. and Jerry Williamson, the ranch was located in La Veta, Colorado.

FR293 Turner Hereford Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1944-1962
18 prints, 197 negatives.
Includes images of cowboys gathered near cook tent, desert scenery, bucking bronco and rider, calf roper and calf, chuckwagon tent, truck and stove, house and buildings, Hereford cattle in pasture and pens, plaque memorializing pedigreed bull, wooden ranch sign, an image of owner Roy Turner and auctioneers at cattle sale, prospective buyers viewing cattle lots, individual Hereford bulls, and cattle awards adorning a wall. The 10,000 acre Turner Ranch was owned by Roy Turner, who became governor of the state of Oklahoma. Turner sold the ranch in 1963 to Winthrop Rockefeller, owner of Winrock Farms of Morrilton, Arkansas.

FR294 Turner, Jack, and Sons Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1945-1964
12 prints, 128 negatives.
Consists of various images from Silvercrest Hereford Dispersion Sale, 1940s, including men and women at auction, small boy with Hereford, women standing under tent, men and boy posed against house and barn, men standing with three Hereford bulls, as well as individual images of the owner, Jack Turner and his son Jack Turner, Jr., and group pictures with auctioneers. The Fort Worth, Texas ranch raised Silver Crest Herefords.

FR295 Twin-V Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1948
5 prints, 25 negatives.
Consists of images of people attending a social event on the ranch, which included a cook out, a rodeo, and people on horseback. Owned by Tom B. Saunders III, the ranch was located in Weatherford, Texas.