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FR158 La Babia Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1955
44 prints, 279 negatives.
Includes various images of archway, men eating, goats, men, numberous exteriors and interiors of buildings, men branding, and Hereford cattle in pasture. The 450,000 acre ranch at Musquiz, Coahuila, Mexico, was originally the home of Gen. Geronimo Trevino before becoming the possession of Hal Mangum. A second headquarters for Mangum was the Las Geronimo ranch, built by general Trevino for his son, Geronimo.

Lake Creek Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1956
Article only, no prints or negatives.
Located south of Wichita Falls, Texas, the ranch was owned by Tom B. and Tom Jr. Medders.

FR160 Lakes
Photograph Collection, 1944-1963
69 prints, 388 negatives.
Includes various images of people fishing, boating, picnicking, and scenery and signs.

FR161 Lambshead Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1957-1961
67 prints, 260 negatives.
Includes various images of men branding cattle, people posing, Hereford cattle roaming in pastures and in pens, several buildings, riders with cattle, men eating, man with inoculation box, men on horseback, a bell, and Diamond "T" truck. The ranch, located on Lambshead Creek in Albany, Texas, consisted of 5,100 acres and was noted for its quality cattle and ranching methods such as mass spraying. The Matthews and Reynolds families formed a five year cattle partnership between 1880-1885, and the two families became united on Christmas day 1876 with the marriage of J.B. Matthews and Sallie Reynolds. The Lambshead brand was an "AV".

Lane, Joe T., Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
4 prints, 22 negatives.
In the Big Bend area, Joe T. Lane operated on four different leased tracts totaling 27,000 acres. He was an advocate for soil conservation practices and served as president of the Highland Hereford Association. Located in Marfa, Texas, the Lane ranch raised Hereford cattle and was a member of the Highland Hereford Breeder's Association, of which Lane was vice-president.

FR163 Largent, Roy R. & Sons, Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
3 prints, 32 negatives.
Includes images of people posing, Hereford cattle, and buildings. The Merkel, Texas, ranch was owned by Roy R. Largent who was nicknamed "Mr. Hereford." Largent was a member of the board of directors for the American Hereford Association and became president in 1951. His other association activities included a three term presidency of the of the Texas Hereford Association, serving as the first president of the Brown County Hereford Association and as president of the West Texas Hereford Association.Both Largent sons, Rust Jr. and David, who was manager of the Herschede Hereford Ranch, were involved in the cattle industry.

FR164 Largent, W. J., & Sons Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1950
37 negatives.
Includes images of buildings by small pond, mission and clouds, Hereford cattle in pasture and in pens, little girl with Hereford calf, various houses, Largent family posing, scenery, and two men posing with awards. The Largents's ranch was located in Merkel, Texas, with a second location near Folsom, New Mexico.

FR165 Lazy D Hereford Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
2 prints, 1 negative.
Includes images of the barn, people attending a cattle auction or sale, house interior, people eating, and Hereford cattle in pasture. The Ada, Oklahoma ranch was owned by J. D. Craft and raised Hereford cattle.

FR166 Lazy E Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1960-1962
2 prints, 63 negatives.
Includes images of people attending Winrock sale, people posing, Santa Gertrudis cattle in pasture, fence, ranch sign, and Walter Jetton catering truck. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wilson owned the Kennedale, Texas ranch which was comprised of 1,200 acres and raised Santa Gertrudis cattle.

FR167 Lazy S Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
3 prints, 5 negatives.
Includes images of the barn with the "Lazy S Ranch" (sideways S) sign, Hereford cattle in pasture, ranch sign, house interior, and people by building. The Call, Texas ranch was owned by Moss and Nell Paterson.

FR168 Lewis Bros. Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
2 prints.
Includes images of Charles W. Lewis., owner of the Sweetwater, Texas ranch.

FR169 Liendo Plantation
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
62 prints, 58 negatives.
Includes various images of the house, Hereford cattle in pasture, architectural detail, plantation marker, and people at fence by house. Carl and Phylis Detering helped restore Liendo Plantation, located near Hampstead, Texas. It was originally owned by Dr. Edmund Duncan Montgomery and Lisabet Ney.

FR170 Lightning Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1963
30 prints, 160 negatives.
Includes rider with cattle, Hereford cattle in pasture, and various images of William C. Donnell. Located near Marathon, Texas, Lightning Ranch was owned by William C. Donnell and was operated on some 75,000 owned and leased land. The brand used was a leaning 11 on the left side of the animal which was known as the Lightning symbol. Donnell served as president of the Highland Hereford Association in 1962-63.

FR171 Livestock auctions and sales
Photograph Collection, 1940-1955
94 prints, 793 negatives.
Includes various images of people attending livestock auctions and/or sales, people with livestock, people eating, and livestock in pens. The livestock includes horses and cattle.

FR172 Livestock Expositions/Shows
Photograph Collection, 1940-1971
71 prints, 551 negatives.
Includes various images of people with prize winning cattle, individual horses, people with prize winning horses, hogs in pens, sheep in pens, people, and prize show ribbons.

FR173 Livestock Industry
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
4 prints.
Includes images of charts and graphs dealing with the livestock industry.

FR174 Long Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1952
15 negatives.
Includes images of a man working a tractor, Hereford cattle in pasture, windmill by a hill, various views of the house, a couple playing cards, interiors of the house, and a man with two dogs. The Long Ranch was located near Walnut Springs, Texas.

FR175 Los Jaboncillos Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
1 print.
Includes an image of the owner, Lucy Roe, with other people at a cattle sale or aution at Winrock Farms. Los Jaboncillos, Spanish for "The Soap Tree," was 20 miles southwest of Alice, Texas, and was formerly part of the Los Jaboncillos Spainish land grant. The owner was Mrs. Edward Jedd Roe with Merlin L. Cook as the manager. In the 1950's, Santa Gertrudis cattle became the stock of choice, and by 1963, the ranch was home to 400 classified brood cows.

FR176 Lowe, Jim, Angus Cattle Ranch
Photograph Collection, 1925-1975
36 negatives.
Includes images of Angus cattle and sheep in pasture, Angus cattle by truck, house, and man with Angus cattle in pasture.